UFC Betting – Different Types of UFC Bets

If you’re thinking about betting on an UFC fight, you want to learn all about the sport. They want to know about the different types of battles that UFC participates in, as well as the fighters. It is important that you know what gives each fighter an advantage in combat. You need to be able to see which fighter has the benefit of past battles, certain benefits, fighting styles, and other factors that help the fighter to win the hand during the game.

You also need to learn how UFC is played. The possibilities with UFC work the same way as with boxing. It is easy to determine the possibilities in UFC. If there is a negative sign in front of the number, this fighter is the favorite. If this is a positive sign in front of the number, this fighter is the outsider. If you win a bet that is in a lower position, you will, of course, receive more profit than a bet in the favorite.

Below are the various types of options you have to choose while betting on Mixed Martial Arts:

Moneyline / Match Bets

A match bet or moneyline bet is a betting option in UFC where you select a single fighter whom you fancy will win with whatever means needed. This type of UFC betting only requires that your chosen fighter win. Everyone has a favorite it takes a match bet for you to bet for your fighter and wait for the win. The only disadvantages are that the favorites are always awarded lesser odds which may discourage you as a bettor.

Parlay Betting

This type of UFC betting involves a wide selection whereas a bettor you get to bet for a series of fights which accumulates your odds for a better win. Selecting a bunch of favorite fighters stretches your odds and helps you increase your payout. In order for you to win your fighters must all win in order for you to get your payout.

This type of betting is obviously risky since you have a wider selection and you need to get all of them correct in order to win but since it stretches out the odds it has a much higher reward. The best way to go about this option is to try out the doubles as a way to try and mitigate your loss before going for the 3 or more options. And since parlay pays much more you can play with a much smaller stake.

You can also go for Cross sports parlays which involve betting on your favorites fighters in UFC, NFL and NBA to get more and better odds with the different events.

Prop and Victory Bets

Prop bets allow the bettor to focus on the fight details. The popular UFC prop bets include:

  • Points Handicap.
  • Fight to go the Distance.
  • Method of victory and round bet.

In any fight, the winner is chosen by the by a knockout, judge’s decision or even submission. Choosing the method of victory isn’t independent of any fighter rather than the outcome. When two formidable opponents meet it is difficult to choose who will win and that’s why you go for this option.

FOTN awards which you can bet on three types of bets which include Fight of the Night (FOTN), Submission of the night (SOTN) and Knockout of the Night (KOTN).